NASA important announcement about Mars
NASA important announcement about Mars

The first step to the conquest of the planet Mars by NASA was in 2012 with the shipment of the Curiosity Mars Rover. Six years after beginning that adventure, new and great expectations have been created around the investigations that this robotic laboratory has obtained, reason why the American Space Agency has planned an announcement of great importance.

Scheduled for this Thursday, June 7 at 2 pm Eastern time, NASA will offer news about Mars. So far, only a few details have been published, but what is already known is that the news will have to do with some scientific results.

The Agency announced through a publication that will seek to resolve all the doubts of the audience, so that the ad format will feature a live discussion, in which the public can tune in and ask questions through social networks.

The communiqué reported that the presentation will participate among others  Paul Mahaffy, director of the division of exploration of the Goddard Space Center NASA solar system, and senior researchers  Jen EigenbrodeChris Webster and Ashwin Vasavada, in an act that will led by  Michelle Thaller, assistant director of science for communications at NASA.

In recent days, it was announced that  the Curiosity managed to perform a complete drilling of the soil of Mars for the first time in more than a year and loaded the samples in its spectrometer for study. This was possible thanks to the development of new drilling methods without stabilizers and the placement of the sample in a scientific tool.

The event will be broadcast live on NASA’s online television channel, as well as platforms such as Facebook Live, Twitch TV, Ustream, Youtube and Periscope.

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Curiosity’s main mission is to gather information about the geology and climate of the red planet, as well as to prepare for the future the landing of the human being.For this he carries out several scientific experiments, including rock drilling.

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