Orange Juice Myths
Orange Juice Myths

In any magazine breakfast always appears orange juice as an essential option if we want to stay healthy. More than one will come to mind when your mother forced you to take it quick before the vitamins were gone, provided it was a clear home. The orange juice harbors several myths that are difficult to know if they are lie or truth; for this, then we will reveal the reality of some of them.

Does orange juice have sugar?

There are few people who think that orange juice should be out of your diet because of its high sugar content. If we drink the juice naturally and without adding sweeteners, only the natural sugars of the oranges we use will be present. By law, it is forbidden to add sugar or vitamin C to orange juices that bear the label of “natural juices”; although it is true that many companies add it, although without qualifying that they are natural.

Taking the sugar present in the fruit is not harmful to health. In addition, experts ensure that vitamins do not evaporate if we do not take anything else squeeze it. These micronutrients can be maintained up to a year later.

So it does not get fat?

The dissemination of some studies ensuring that fruit juices get fat, have led to wrong thinking. Scientists have shown that people who drink a glass of natural orange juice at breakfast are less likely to be overweight.

The juice is not the problematic factor of our weight gain, but an excess of daily total calories and sendentarismo. Nutritionists recommend making a healthy breakfast, with a serving of fruit in it.

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Does your consumption favor the appearance of cavities?

Earlier we commented that orange juice does contain naturally occurring sugars. Sugar increases the possibility of tooth decay, although if we have proper oral hygiene there should be no problem.

Caries appear depending on the cleanliness, the exposure of our teeth to fluoride, the amount of sugar consumed and the pH of the food. In this case, the juice and oranges have a pH of 3.8, so some studies say there is no difference between free sugars, pure fruit juice and whole fruit on the enamel.
Wash your teeth after every meal and problem solved.

Help improve our performance

Nutrition experts say that taking orange juice at breakfast has positive cognitive effects, increasing our energy and performance. It is not recommended to go between one or two glasses of juice a day, as long as they are natural and without added sugar.

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