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Myths about hair removal that you have to forget

Be more beautiful without so much story!

Hair Removal Myths
Hair Removal Myths

Shaving helps you look and feel amazing. Break the myths and get some nicer legs.

Here we clear some myths of hair removal:

1. If you brush with a rake, the hair will grow more abundant: Shaving does not make the hair grow thicker, darker, or faster. Its shape is determined by your hormones and genes.

2. To shave your skin dry: This myth is completely false, the dryness of the skin can be caused by other factors that have nothing to do with dedepilation.

3. It is bad to shave very often: On the contrary, in addition to seeing yourself and feeling cleaner, healthier and more beautiful, shaving leaves the skin soft because it exfoliates it.

4. You do not need to shave in winter: Waxing is an act of beauty and can be done daily without risks. It is a way of life and also of care and attention towards yourself.

5. It does not matter if you only use water: You do not recommend it, nor do you do it with bar soap.

6. Depilate the same area several times all the hairs disappear: Passing the rake through the same area again and again, damages the skin; and tighten it tightly on the areas to be plucked, it can cause cuts, beware!

Forget these false myths and use hair removal in your favor to look more beautiful, take care of your skin!


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