Tik Tok - incluyendo a musical.ly
Tik Tok – incluyendo a musical.ly

Maybe you do not use Musical.ly and even, you do not know very well what this application is about, but it is one of the most used by teenagers. It offers a way to share small portions of video with music, making it clear that the users themselves are singing or dancing. Its success is overwhelming, also the inspiration that has awakened in other applications.

Musical.ly has become a silent success, one of those applications tremendously downloaded that did not get much impact in the media. Very popular in Europe and the United States, Musical.ly was cloned in Asia by another application that has managed to be even more successful: Tik Tok. The company that financed the development of this app Tik Tok bought Musical.ly. And yesterday the change was reflected.

The application and users of Musical.ly derive in Tik Tok, whether they want it or not

What happens when you are used to an application, to its name, to how it works and to the way in which your users interact with the content you publish? Well, when you change drastically you get angry, logical. Well, this is what is happening with the move to Tik Tok of all the Musical.ly service: the imposition has no turning back and the millions of daily users of Musical.ly will have to use the new service.

The company that owns both applications has announced it in an article published on the Tik Tok page: both services converge to the same application, implementing novelties for Musical.ly users. The interface is renewed, filters, stickers, new editing tools are added… And other options are eliminated along the way: there are users who report loss of followers and published videos. Musical.lyis (or perhaps was) a social network prone to advertising by influencers. And changes in the application and service put those revenues at risk, as more than one user has reported.

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This is a new case in which the copy ends up devouring the original. Musical.ly is a Chinese application that triumphed outside its borders. Alex Zhu is the creator and one of the administrators of Musical.ly. In November of last year he sold the app to Bytedance, a Chinese startup specializing in multimedia that is responsible for such tremendously popular applications in the Asian country as the Toutiao news app or Tik Tok itself. In the end the latter has ended up devouring the original application for the disgrace of its fans.

There’s nothing you can do: Musical.ly no longer exists and you’ll have to get used to Tik Tok

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