Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

Bearing in mind that Katy Perry has fewer and fewer concerts left in her professional agenda – her successful “Witness Tour” travels through Latin America at the moment and will officially end on August 21 – and has already ended her first season As judge of the “American Idol” scouting contest, it is understandable that the pop star now wants to dedicate part of her regained free time to finish securing her romance with actor Orlando Bloom.
This is at least assured by sources close to the diva consulted by the news portal “Entertainment Tonight”, who have not hesitated to reveal also that the couple has set a goal for the coming months to enjoy more vacation getaways with which to take the maximum match to your love story.
“The two are convinced that one of the main reasons that led them to break last year was the continuous pressure they had to endure as a result of public scrutiny, and they did not have many occasions to be alone due to their respective labor commitments. Katy wants to make sure now that this summer both are seen much more frequently, “explained an informant to the aforementioned newspaper.

One of the plans that the two lovers consider to reconcile their working calendars with the need to cultivate their sentimental bond in depth lies in organizing themselves in such a way that Katy can visit Orlando on time wherever she is and that, as a counterpart, the British do the same with her.
“Katy is willing to visit Orlando wherever she is working, and that is also what she expects from him, and they have reached an agreement to do everything possible to make it work,” the same confidant indicated. Then, exemplify the possible success of this strategy with the last secret trip to London that recently starred the two artists.

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