Cortana App
Cortana App

Cortana, the virtual assistant of Microsoft, returns to be news and does it this time not for a renewed interface or a new product with which it is compatible. The reason is not so positive and it makes us think about the number of security holes that the software that we have installed on our computers can have.

A security that on this occasion, how we say, affects Cortana. The reason is that a group of researchers from McAfee, the well-known security company responsible for the popular antivirus, has detected a security flaw that affects Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

The security hole could allow access to our equipment and its control by a hacker by executing a malicious code and all before the user logs in with his username and password.

The latent threat can be realized by executing this code through an executable file installed on a USB stick through Cortana. In this way they could, according to the discoverers of the ruling, change the password to access our equipment without the user noticing.

The only positive part, at least, is that in order to carry out this threat you need physical access to the equipment you want to infect, a very important limitation unless you are one of those who leave your computer unattended and access by strangers.

However, to be sure, Microsoft has released a security patch, once the bug is known, which fixes the problem and adds other improvements and bug fixes. You can download the patch from this link or by going to the “Settings” route (the cogwheel at the bottom left) and then in the pop-up menu entering the “Updates and Security” window and the “Windows Update” section.

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