The office 2019 beta
The office 2019 beta

It is not usual for Mac users to use Office on their computers. The reason is that by default they have the Apple alternative: Pages, Keynote and Numbers are the equivalent of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and offer good performance. However, the influence of Office is enormous, due to its popularity and the effort of Microsoft to extend it to other platforms.

In macOS we currently have Office in the 2016 version and now users of the Apple operating system can access the previous version of Office 2019. It is the first opportunity to check the improvements that Office 2019 introduces on the Mac.

Office 2019 includes, as expected, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote and with version 2019 some interesting improvements and new features are included. Improvements that Windows users belonging to the program of the preview version can also try.

In Word for example, more tools have been added inside the pens, highlighters and customizable tapes together with the always necessary accessibility improvements: an improved translation tool and an extension mode have been included to see the content better.

In the case of PowerPoint, the option of exporting the presentations in 4K video resolution has been added, something fundamental now that more and more monitors are betting on this type of resolution. In addition, morph transitions are now included.

In the case of Excel, 2D maps, new graphs and additional functions are now included. Outlook on the other hand will be improved with the arrival of a unified inbox, templates and read and delivery notices.

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How to access the Office 2019 Preview

If you are a Mac or Windows user, you can enter the preview program by accessing the program page.

Once inside, in the left column, we will see the option “Engagements”, in which we must click to access a new window. In the central area we will see the option “Office 2019 Preview Commercial” and to the right of it the option “Join” (“Enter”)on which we must click.

In the nine window we must click on the option “Show Packages” (“Show packages”) in which we will see all the packages that are associated with the preview . We select a package to see the details and the list of files that are included in the package.

In the new window, click on the download icon on the right to download the file. Once downloaded we start your installation

Microsoft will launch Office 2019 for Windows and Mac throughout this year and as you arrive you can access the trial version to check the news that Office 2019 will introduce.

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