How Microsoft’s earnings reached $100bn
How Microsoft’s earnings reached $100bn

Microsoft today reported its earnings during its fourth fiscal quarter (ended June 30) on the occasion of its meeting with investors. As we anticipated today, the company reported that its revenues in the field of videogames were 10,350 million dollars, 14% more than last year.

Figures from Microsoft

In comparison, Nintendo recorded revenues of 9.7 billion dollars (1.06 trillion yen) in its last fiscal year, while Sony reported annual revenues of 17.29 billion dollars (1.94 trillion yen).

In the fourth quarter alone, Microsoft’s video game revenue reached $ 2.29 billion, an increase of 39% from the fourth quarter of the previous year. While the specific revenues of Xbox increased by 36%, the company attributed this gain mainly to the performance of its investments in third parties.

Another key element for Microsoft has been Xbox Live, which in the fourth quarter obtained 57 million active users in the subscription service, surpassing the 53 million of the previous quarter but slightly below the 59 million registered in the second and third quarters of this year.

More Personal Computing in turn, also witnessed a 17% increase in revenues, reaching 10,800 million dollars. Microsoft reported that revenues for the entire company rose 14% to 110,360 million dollars, while net income fell 35% to 16,570 million dollars.

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