Microsoft Offices in the city of Los Angeles
Microsoft Offices in the city of Los Angeles

Satya Nadella’s commitment to the emerging data management business enabled the Microsoft company to exceed the level of $ 100 billion in annual revenue. The executive assures that it is the proof that the initial investments begin to give results. But despite this momentum, Redmond’s technology suffered a 35% drop in profit during the year.

The turnover of Microsoft grew by 14% in the year, to 110,360 million. Of that total, 30,090 million correspond to the last three months of the year. These global sales contributed a net profit of 16,570 million, of the 8,870 million were in the final stretch of its fiscal year. The business of cloud computing generated 6.9 billion in revenue.

Nadella underwent a profound strategic change to Microsoft when it took the reins of the company, seeking to diversify revenue and stop relying on the Windows operating system for personal computers. The company also abandoned mobile telephony, where it entered late. He is currently the second actor in the cloud ahead of Google, with Amazon dominant.

Microsoft is coming to an agreement with Walmart to offer data management services for five years. It is the most obvious example of the alliances that are being created to try to compete with Amazon. Together with Apple, the three technology companies fight a hard race to reach the trillion dollars of stock market valuation. Their shares appreciated 40% during the last year.

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