Men's sex appeal
Men’s sex appeal

On this occasion, we have an account of the new qualities that give men, specifically, the famous sex appeal and some tips to achieve it, from social skills to sexual.


Regardless of the type of person we are, it is normal to feel attracted to people who love their lives, whether they tell a joke or explain their latest professional project. The energy, passion and creativity they put into everything they do is a quality that draws much attention from others.

Ingenuity and humor

The types with the greatest sense of humor are what they earn. According to a study published by Intelligence, men with this quality had more informal sex, but we do not mean a man who is funny and burdened with jokes, but who is seriously able to make a joke and has no fear of ridicule, and others enjoy making others laugh.

A different appointment

Having a romantic date is not really a thing of the other world, but the idea is not to take it to a place where everything is predictable, but for example, take it to a world where they can have fun, that allows you to meet and get something of the passion you feel for something determined.

The beauty

Well, yes, a man must also see himself with a lot of personality and this can be reflected through beauty. The facial symmetry, toned skin are important in the erotic capital.

Highlight the jaw

Facial hair is important according to some studies. A short beard gives the impression of symmetry and volume, a thinner chin. For this, trim the pin and let the hair grow on the chin and jaw.

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A smooth face

A smooth face is important, because seeing a rough face is not attractive, so using a cream for dry skin is essential, especially in winter.

Sexual attractiveness

The way to attract women has to do with the way you look, but also how you move and talk.

The shape of the V

It is important that you get a look where you highlight the V in your neck and chest. The first option is exercise, but another good idea is to use a V-shirt to give the effect to the torso, a little tight from above and loose in the belly.

Dominate it

A study in the United Kingdom shows that they find more attractive a man with a posture that transmits domination, seated, with arms and legs open and touching the person with whom they are without fear. eye!


Being a good speaker is the key to sex appeal. It is the discourse, the ideas, the ease and the way of socializing.

Standing position

According to a Dutch study, tall men are more attractive, if you do not have this gift, then stand with your shoulders back, arms open and look people in the face when they speak. Smile from time to time


The types who flirt to hang out are less attractive than those who have a genuine interest in the women they talk to, according to a recent study published in Sex Roles.

The sex

Physical power is very important for her to feel that she is safe with you. Use your physical strength before getting into bed, of course with gentleness, but you can feel that you are the one in charge.

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If she had a bad day, but you want to have sex, try to approach her gently, you can modify the plan and do something different that day, if after they get to bed it will be great, but not everything is about sex.

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