Louis Morissette
Louis Morissette

At this rate, Louis Morissette will soon conquer the planet! During his visit to the Swingers yesterday, the businessman confirmed the rumors that he had positioned himself as a potential buyer of Just for Laughs. It was recently revealed that US owners ICM Partners and Howie Mandel had two Canadian partners, Bell and evenko, so that half of the shares remain here in order to benefit from significant tax credits.

One of these partners could very well have been KOTV productions , but the fate was different for the comedian and his business entourage: ”  I was part of the process to buy Just for Laughs for a good moment. It’s something that through my circle of friends, as soon as I had a drink too many, I said, “One day, I’m going to buy Just for Laugh.” I always thought it was a brandfantastic that underperformed. That’s my point of view. In fact, it was like Gilbert, who ran his company as he wanted. I saw something else. I said to myself: “It’s not normal for me, Louis Morissette, to produce more humorous shows than Just for Laughs, which is not cinema either.” So, I had a vision for Just for Laughs, which I tried to apply. It did not work out, but at the same time, it did not happen and it does not matter. This may not be what the future holds for me.

The ambitions of Louis Morissette may not have materialized, but remains that it is an impressive projection of the business ambitions of the humorist, who no longer wishes to spark controversy as before.

I would not have done it alone, I would have been with a gang, we would have been surrounded. But I think I could have done something good with this company and restructured it, “he said.

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Recently, his company added a new bow to his quiver with the launch of a publishing house and  the new Paper Edition magazine. Louis Morissette has not finished surprising us and we can not wait to discover where life and good business will lead him!

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