Romantic sexual posture lotus flower
Romantic sexual posture lotus flower

Combining passion and romance is excellent for couples who prefer to have a constant union.

The lotus flower is considered one of the most romantic sexual postures, since it offers the possibility of kisses and caresses from the beginning to the end, something that the most loving lovers love.

There are those who seek with sex only satiate their desires and fantasies, so they try to innovate with more crazy positions, but at times when intimacy needs strong hugs and containment, the lotus flower is indicated.

At the moment of making love, emotional factors influence, in addition to desire, for that reason it is very positive to know different variants for each occasion.

Sometimes it is necessary to stimulate more one way or another, depending on the mood.

For example, the lotus flower is a highly recommended sexual posture for reconciliation. Since it is possible to express true love, containment and there is a strong visual contact.

How to practice the sexual posture lotus flower?

The man should sit in a firm place and bend his legs so that their heels come closer together.

It is a position also used for meditation exercises.
The woman gently sits on top and with her legs surrounds the lover’s waist.
The ideal is to be embraced so that the contact is total.

Although, of course, during the act they will use their hands for other caresses.

Now it’s just about making smooth movements to the beat to indulge in pleasure.

The penetration is deep and harmonic, and the most important thing of this practice is the way in which they manage to connect.

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Affective manifestations are the stars, so you have to look into the eyes, smile, kiss and caress without fear of sinning for honey.

The result is nothing more and nothing less than a sense of full love.

Advantages of the lotus flower posture

Strengthens the bond The closeness of the bodies gives the security that is so often needed from the other. Strong hugs say much more than words. In addition, you can speak softly to the ear to generate more connection.

Stimulation of erogenous zones Neck, ears and breasts are the most exciting parts of the body. Here you can kiss each of them while making love. Logically the climax will be to unimaginable points.

Variety of movements. It does not just go up and down. The comfort of the lotus flower posture allows them to form circles and other shapes with the hips. At times, she can pull back a bit and take control of the rhythm.

Diversity of places. It can be done in bed, on a sofa and is highly recommended to do in the car. A break in the trip can turn it into something really passionate.

The clothes are not enough To feed some fantasies, using costumes is a fabulous alternative. Role playing games make men crazy. The advice is that you always wear a skirt to facilitate penetration.

Control of ejaculation The greatest control is under whoever is under it. You can take it from the waist to slow the pace and take short breaks to avoid an early end. Intercalar with moments of just kisses and caresses, and then resume the movements. It is a way to continue to provide love for a long time more.

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Free exploration The hands of both are totally free. You have to dare to explore each part of the partner to the fullest. Surely, they will find new key points to increase the excitement.

Disadvantages of the sexual posture lotus flower

Risky anal sex Trying anal sex is possible, but you have to be very careful. An involuntary abrupt movement can cause a fracture of the penis.

Good physical condition To be able to perform this position without reaching cramps, you have to be prepared. Exercising leg muscles, gentlemen, is essential for having sex.

If you have a few minutes, call your partner and try to surprise him with this position. Or if you have discussed, pay a visit and simply sit in this position to talk. Naturally, the rest will come.
It is a game that no one should be deprived of participating. Love, confidence, security and passion will leave you exhausted, but happy.

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