Lili Reinhart
Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart wants the girls to know that it is better to be authentic than to try to be perfect…

The star of Riverdale and official girlfriend of Cole Sprouse, has shown that he has severe acne problems and is not afraid to show it!

During an interview with The Cute, Lili said that no one should be ashamed to have acne , because the most important thing is to be true.

“I just published my most authentic self: me with blackhead cream, me with my pajamas on the bed and me with a mask, that’s fine because that’s how I see myself more times than I look glamorous on the red carpet.”

Lili says she has decided to show herself as she is, because she believes it is important for girls to see her as she is, and to forget that her appearance is perfect: ” I do not want to use Photoshop in myself for my stories. I’m afraid of taking a bad or silly picture because I do not use a face full of makeup all the time, most of the time my hair looks like crap and it’s okay, if I was presented as this perfect person, always ready, then it would never be able to meet that expectation.

It really bothers me when people use Photoshop on their bodies. You are sending the wrong message… I quickly called Cosmo Philippines when they retouched Camila Mendes and me because I do not do that. I do not want people to think that I look like that because I’m not.”

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During an interview for Seventeen last April, Lili said that the best thing she could do with her acne was to acknowledge and accept it: Maybe my acne will go away with time, but for now, I try to recognize it. Instagram stories when I’m using pimple cream on my face, and I make fun of it in some way, as much as I can.

I feel the need to talk about my fight against acne. Because maybe if I normalize my skin, more people… including me… can feel good with their skin. My buds do not define me. To anyone who feels embarrassed or embarrassed by the outbreaks… I feel you, we have each other so we’re going to get through this acne experience together.”

What a nice message! We love that Lili sends this message to all the girls who feel bad about having acne, it is something completely normal that will happen with time, do not be afraid!

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