LG's new folding mobile patent shows
LG’s new folding mobile patent shows

Seeing the road that seems to be taking much of the mobile market, it is easy to conclude that the next milestone for smartphones is that of folding designs. No mobiles with flexible screen, something that exists partially with the curved screen and will end up coming real sooner or later. We are talking about the cover phones whose screen is actually folded in half.

LG already in February slipped a first patent which saw how it addressed the future niche market. A phone with triple screen that allowed different configurations, and now we have in our hands a new patent, one with a mobile book type, with a single fold and showing that Koreans experiment with different models of folding mobile.

A folding mobile in one direction

The images of the patent show perfectly how the screen continues to work during folding and details, at least in the graphic aspect, the system that would allow the curvature of the screen without it breaking during the twisting. Specifically, it shows a system with four moving parts that would make the shaft, with two terminations for the rest of the panel support to be assembled.

According to the image of the patent, that LG folding screen would only close to one side, producing a compact phone, although this would depend on the screen size placed in the assembly, and that would become, for all purposes, a cover mobile. With the proviso that, inside, the screen would be folded and not divided in two as in some model that we have seen, both Samsung and ZTE.

We speak only of a patent and this does not mean that this design will end up coming to the market, but it teaches us that LG, as well as other manufacturers, try to find the best solutions to manufacture a mobile phone with a folding screen. We wait for them in the market at the end of 2018 or the first of 2019we will see if LG soon joins the sector with some of their patents.

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