Lele Pons
Lele Pons

A few days ago, a video of Lele Pons was leaked with her ex-boyfriend Ray Díaz, where they both went out giving each other a French kiss. This intimate filtered video caused a lot of buzz in social networks, as Lele does not usually show his private life. The best thing is that she did not remain silent and gave a great response.

First, it is known that this video had been recorded by Ray Díaz , who decided to upload it after Lele gave him the kiss . At first it was all a joke, but the youtuber asked him to download the video immediately.

The video  did not last more than a few seconds up, when some fans had already recorded this one; which, in the end, was the one that was shared a few days ago by all social networks. Ray Diaz said that he did his best to eliminate all traces of that video and other images, he even asked his manager to help him. It seems that he had achieved it, until he saw that the video went viral.

According to Ray Díaz, they hacked it and Lele Pons has not mentioned anything directly about it. She just uploaded on her Instagram Stories a picture of her with the phrase: “I’m single and ready to party.”

With this, Lele Pons managed to dodge all the comments related to the video, because surely they would think it was recorded recently. Now that she confirmed that it was not like that, we affirmed that she is not dating anyone and is ready to enfiestar her whole life.

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