How to take care of CrossFit hands
How to take care of CrossFit hands

Surely you know someone from your environment who practices CrossFit, or even you are one of them. If you have been immersed in this world of explosive strength and agility for some time, you will have noticed that your hands are one of the parts that suffer the most with the different grip on materials. As soon as you have the appearance of calluses, which if you do not cure will end up becoming wounds.

Can calluses be avoided on the hands?

Calluses are hardness that appear on the thin skin of your palm, both on the hands and on the feet. It arises from the pressure or the continued rubbing of an object with your skin. Its appearance can be avoided or reduced by controlling the grip you have on the barbell or kettlebell.

Being constantly pressing your skin causes a harder layer to be created to protect the epidermis. So if you do not wear gloves or a protector, you’ll always have calluses. Wearing gloves is not recommended, find out in this article why.

Even so there is a small trick that will relieve you and reduce the percentage of calluses. Try that your grip is not with the palm of the hand, but with the base of the fingers. It is a bit uncomfortable at first, but this way you will prevent your palm from rubbing with the bar.

And the wounds?

The calluses is a subject that you must assimilate, they will be present if you practice CrossFit but you can avoid that they rise up and form wounds.

  • File the calluses and hardness with a pumice stone. You can even use a callus blade to leave a smoother surface.
  • Hydrate your hands well every day. Sure you throw moisturizing cream all over your body, but hands do not remember. Bet on a cream with high fat content so that it recovers after training.
  • Do not abuse magnesium. This substance can help you not slip with sweat, but dries your hands and favors the appearance of calluses and hardness.
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What products does a CrossFiter need?

Although it may seem strange to you, if you usually tend to take care of the hardness of the feet, with your hands you will need the same products.

  • Pumice stone or hard grain lime
  • Callus blade
  • Scissors. This accessory is for the most crafty, you can use it to almost completely eliminate the hardness or remove the dry skin.
  • Moisturizer. Take it out after training and at night before going to sleep. If you can, cover them with gloves and sleep with them so that the cream is not wasted by the bed.
  • Drink water. Although the creams are more direct locally, it is important that you stay well hydrated.

Caring for your hands is not a question of aesthetics, which is also a question, but it is fundamental to be able to carry out a good training.

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