The 10 most sold phones in history
The 10 most sold phones in history

Mobile telephony is one of the juiciest markets for the technology industry, it is certainly one where you can generate millions of dollars in profits, there we have the case of Apple and Samsung. In addition to that with a phone you can generate many more income that not only depend on the sale of the phone itself, such as accessories or applications.

Currently Samsung and Apple are the brands that sell more devices around the world, however, you will be surprised to know that both brands do not lead the list of the best selling phones in the world, in fact, no Android smartphone appears here, although it does appear a smartphone with iOS.

Obviously many of the phones presented here are not smartphones, and most are from the iconic Nokia brand, which dominated this market for more than a decade.

The list has been published by The Telegraph in conjunction with other research media.

1Motorola Razr V3

130 million units sold

This equipment was sent in the year 2004, and its success depended largely on its design, which was as thin as a razor, hence its name in English.

2Nokia 2600

135 million units sold

Another of the teams that arrived in 2004 was the Nokia 2600, a phone that came to confirm the good work of Nokia in the industry, whose main attraction was a great battery life at a very affordable price.

4Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230 black
Nokia 5230 black

150 million units sold

Launched in 2009, the Nokia 5230 was one of the most advanced phones of its time, including a Symbian operating system, a touch screen and 3G connection.

5Nokia 6600

150 million units sold

If something characterized Nokia for many years without a doubt it was its risky and different design, and the Nokia 6600 was no exception, because for the year of its launch in 2003, this type of phone was a luxury.

6Nokia 1200

150 million units sold

Although it was a very simple phone, it was also economical, a situation that in combination with the Nokia brand earned it to be one of the most desired phones of the public in 2007.

7Nokia 3210

150 million units sold

Launched in 1999, the famous brick was a sales success for its incredible resistance, it was even one of the models that made the company famous for its original and highly resistant designs.

8iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

220 million units sold

Undoubtedly the most successful family of devices from Apple because for the first time in its history the screen size of the devices increased noticeably.

9Nokia 1110

More than 250 million units sold

Although it is the second simplest phone on the list, this was one of Nokia’s jewels thanks to its global availability, low price and the famous “viborita” game.

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