Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson tattoos
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson tattoos

Pete Davidson spent a fortune to give Ariana Grande a super original engagement ring

The jeweler who designed the exclusive jewel that Ari wears on his finger, Greg Yuna, unveiled for E! News, all the details of the engagement ring that Pete chose!

“Pete called me at the end of May and said, ‘Look, you give me a ring, this is what I want.’ And I told him I had the right ring for him, he did not tell me who it was for, but he told me He kept it secret, he did not tell me anything about it.”

The jeweler assured that it took a couple of weeks to make the custom-made ring of Ari, a precious jewel that has a pear-shaped 3 carat diamond with a value of 93,000 dollars, woow!

The ring cost so much that it is said that Pete is now cleared to look for more sources of income, because his salary in SNL, is not enough!

OMG! It’s certainly a beautiful engagement ring, but we’re worried about Pete’s economy, do you think the ring left him without savings?

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