Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid
Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid

Kylie Jenner has asked Kendall Jenner to start a formal relationship with the little brother of the Hadid…

Kylie is happy with her new face as a mother and hopes that her sister Kendall will follow in her footsteps very soon and she is sure that Anwar Hadid is the perfect boy!, kylie thinks her sister could have beautiful babies with Bella’s little brother and Gigi Hadid.

“Stormi has changed Kylie’s life for the better, she’s never been so happy or satisfied and she can not stop talking to Kendall about having her family too, now that she’s with someone as amazing as Anwar, Kylie hopes Kendall finally calms down.

Kylie knows that Anwar is good people and really expects Kendall to give her a real chance. Kylie is far ahead of herself, she is already talking about how cute the babies of Kendall and Anwar would look, surely they would be supermodels”: Half Hollywood Life declared.

Not only has Stormi filled Kylie’s life with happiness, the star is said to be super in love with Travis Scott, and that is why she wants Kendall to find the same happiness as her: “Kylie is very happy and in love with Travis and wants her sister has the same thing, she is very pro-relationship and can not understand why Kendall is still single, she expects Anwar to fix it.”

Despite Kylie’s good wishes, her sister may not have so easy to formalize a relationship with Anwar, it is said that Gigi Hadid has warned her brother that Kendall could break his heart.

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Do you think Kendall should follow Kylie’s advice and be Anwar’s girlfriend?

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