Kylie Jenner removes stuffing from her lips
Kylie Jenner removes stuffing from her lips

Kylie Jenner has said goodbye to her characteristic big lips…

A few years ago Kylie confessed that she had resorted to injections to fill her lips for being very thin, and thus end with an insecurity that made her feel ugly; however, recently the star confessed that she decided to get rid of the filling of her lips: “I got rid of all my stuffing”.

This confession arose when some fans noticed in this photo of their Instagram, that Kylie’s lips looked much thinner and more natural, and the star only confirmed it.

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But what was the reason why Kylie decided not to inject her lips anymore to make them look bigger? According to Hollywood Life, her baby Stormi has been the main reason why Kylie decided to stop injecting her lips.

“Becoming a mother has changed Kylie in many ways, and one of the biggest changes has been her own self-confidence, she is amazed with Stormi, she can hardly believe that she has made such a perfect angel. has her baby has made Kylie see everything differently, especially herself.

Now that she is a mother, she is much more sure of herself. Finding true love with Travis has also played an important role in her new self-confidence. He loves it when it becomes totally natural without makeup. He tells her all the time that she was beautiful before he injected her lips. He encourages her to be more natural all the time, and that has made a world of good for her. It was a 100% choice to remove the filling, but Stormi and Travis definitely played an important role in that decision.”

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It seems that having her own family has been the best thing that has happened to Kylie, we love her to be more and more sure of herself, she is beautiful in nature, do not you think?

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