Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner
Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner also wants to be engaged as Ariana Grande

Since the news that Ariana was engaged to Pete Davidson, Kylie has been wondering why Travis Scott has not proposed marriage, she also wants a diamond ring !, and according to Hollywood Life, He has stopped asking the rapper about his marriage proposal.

“Kylie is a little jealous of Ariana and her sudden commitment, Kylie is now pressuring Travis to ask the question as soon as possible and she also wants an extravagant ring.” Kylie has not stopped talking to Travis about getting married since she discovered Ariana. Kylie does not understand what Travis is waiting for, they love each other, they have a baby together and they have been together long enough, she is frustrated because Travis is making her wait, Kylie seems so romantic that Pete proposed Ariana to her after just a few weeks of courtship, she wants Travis to cheer up and do something romantic for her, too!”: The middle man declared.

We never thought that Kylie was anxious to wear an engagement ring in her hand, but the fact that Ari is engaged, does not mean that she also has to be, do you think I should stop pushing Travis?

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