Home Hollywood Kylie Jenner is accused of plagiarizing with her new shadows

Kylie Jenner is accused of plagiarizing with her new shadows

Kylie Cosmetics returns to cause controversy

Kylie Jenner inject lips again
Kylie Jenner inject lips again

It seems that the new palette of shadows of Kylie Jenner is identical to that of another prestigious brand of cosmetics…

On June 20 Kylie surprised us with the launch of her new palette of Sorta Sweet Palette shadows, which is composed of shades in earth tones and neutrals (6 in matte tones and 6 in shades with sparkles).

The palette of shadows is accompanied by liquid lipsticks in 3 different Boy Bye, Glitz and Maliboo shades.

However, not everything has gone well with the launch of this new line of Kylie Cosmetics , as fans noticed that the shadow palette is super similar to the Soft Glam palette of Anastasia Beverly Hills, which is also composed of earth tones and neutrals.

Some of the comments from the fans are:

“Great! A travel version of the Soft Glam Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills”.

“Wait, Espeeeeera, do not you have an older and more beautiful sister called Soft Glam?”

“It’s funny how Kylie’s new palette looks like Soft Glam.”

Do you think it’s plagiarism or simple coincidence?


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