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Kokigami, the curious Japanese erotic game that involves an origami


In the world of fetishes and erotic fantasies there are no taboos worth much less inhibitions that slow down the imagination of the human being and his desire to intensify pleasure behind closed doors. Creativity is part of all this, something that in the ancient Japanese undoubtedly predominated when they invented the Kokigami, a sexual game in which the penis is covered by an origami. Discover it!

Kokigami, the art of wrapping the penis with an origami

We all reserve one or another sexual fantasy that we hope to fulfill on occasion. These vary according to the desires and personality of each person. In addition, the cultural context also exerts some influence on it, therefore you would be surprised to know how peculiar some of them can be.

Kokigami: wrap the penis with an origami
Kokigami: wrap the penis with an origami

In the seventh century, for example, the Japanese aristocracy had its favorite: the Kokigami, an intimate preamble that produced great enthusiasm in the couples of those times. It was theatrical, jocular and, in comparison with other sexual divertimentos, this one demanded time of preparation because the kokigami is all an art… the art of wrapping the virile member with paper figures.

What is the Kokigami?

To surprise the couple, the man wrapped his virile member in a disguise made with tissue paper. With the cuts of this material he made figures of horses, snakes, eagles, octopuses and any other creature that inspired a bit of morbidity between them. Preferably they chose an animal that represented power and virility.

Kokigami Hair
Kokigami Hair

What most appealed to the couples of the Kokigami was the sensation of discovery, that expectation that you have when you remove the envelope of a gift box to discover what is inside. In the same way but with the mouth, the woman removed each piece of paper, slowly, until her “gift” was revealed. During this process of provocative looks and friction, couples felt great excitement.

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Surely the Kokigami was set aside for special occasions, since dressing the penis with this technique was not practical at all. More than some men chose to take the matter to another level of delivery disguising themselves as the actors of the Japanese theater Noh, the same that inspired this curious erotic game.

Cut-out figures Kokigami of a moth and an octopus
Cut-out figures Kokigami of a moth and an octopus

Well, its name comes from the “koki”, the handkerchief that covered the genitals of the Noh actors to preserve modesty during the rapid changes of costumes. And of course, origami, the art of creating figures with paper, along with the kirigami, the art of cutting paper to form figures, were part of it. Also the tsutsumi is involved in this sensual game, which is the art of wrapping gifts.

It goes without saying that creating paper forms is not an art that dominates the whole world. However, if you are interested, Heather Bush and Burton Silver published in 1989 an illustrated book with a variety of cut-out figures to make the Kokigami an accessible practice for Westerners and those less skilled with handicrafts. It is titled: Kokigami: Performance Enhancing Adornments For The Adventurous Man

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