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Know these 5 foods that produce gases

Food produces gases
Food produces gases

If you are one of those who usually suffer gas accumulation, you may be interested in knowing some foods that could be affecting you. And is that a poor dietnervousness or tiredness itself can cause flatulence. However, there are very healthy foods, which can also work against you in this regard. Know them!

There are some causes that can cause intestinal gas, such as drinking carbonated drinks, eating very fast or suffer from some food intolerance, among others. But in addition to this, the intake of some foods, may favor the appearance of this symptom, sometimes quite annoying.

5 Foods that produce gases

1. Legumes

It is an excellent food with great properties for the organism. They contain proteins; Complex carbohydrates, which ferment in the intestine, can cause in some people flatulence, gastroenteritis or discomfort during digestion; they are low in fat; and they are rich in minerals and vitamins .

2 apples

Although it is a very healthy food and is included in any type of diet, its high content of fiber, fructose and sorbitol, can cause gas in some more sensitive people. However, it is not advisable to stop eating them since it has a high nutritional value. If you notice that they swell your belly, moderate your consumption or stay away from the main meals.

3. Lettuce

It is true that it has few calories and is a very easy and healthy resource in the hottest months. However, they could be generating gases and their corresponding symptoms. Its high insoluble fiber content is responsible. Include spinach in your salads, for example.

4. Sugars and sweeteners

Abusing sugar is not healthy, under any circumstances. And in addition to how harmful it is to health in general, if you take it, it is possible that you feel stomach swelling and flatulence. You already have one more reason to reduce your intake.

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On the other hand, sweeteners such as sorbitol, xylitol or mannitol, present in many candies and chewing gum, also have this risk. So you know, try to avoid the sweets, even if they are sugar free.

5. Salt

Salty meals, high in sodium, promote fluid retention and give a feeling of swelling in the gut. If you reduce your salt intake, you will be contributing to the disappearance of these symptoms and, in addition, taking care of the health of your heart.


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