Smart case that will protect your phone from falls
Smart case that will protect your phone from falls

At present it is normal for cell phones to fall to the ground from our hands or pockets, which in the least of cases results in a screen scratch or at worst, that the device becomes unusable; But just to prevent this kind of situation, we created an intelligent housing that protects the mobile.

Philip Frenzel, engineer at the University of Aalen in Germany, devised a prototype case that cushions the hit of the mobile at the time of falling, which causes there to be less or no damage to it.

Frenzel’s invention earned him the highest award of the German Mechatronics Society, which helps and promotes the projects built by students across the country.

The carcass in question works like an airbag for the phone, which will make the cell bounce without having a scratch, because the corner horns that are part of the case, helps a lot to this.

The mechanism of the “case” contains eight thin metal springs, two in each corner that activate and curve when you know that the phone will fall thanks to the internal proximity sensor it has, softening the hard blow against the concrete .

Once the cell phone is picked up, it is a matter of re-folding the springs in their respective corners and saving it with greater care to avoid future falls and excessive monetary expenses which, from time to time, turn out to be unnecessary.

To obtain the innovative invention, it will be necessary to wait a couple of months until Philip Frenzel registers the patent and is discharged, although it should be noted that Philip himself has already been promoting his invention with shirts that contain the image of the case and commenting Very soon it will be for sale.

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