Ovulating Signs
Another way you can tell if you are ovulating is if your sexual appetite increases more.

Every month women go through a natural process called ovulation in which they become more fertile and therefore, increase the chances of getting pregnant. But not only that.

They also present a series of changes and signals in the body. Therefore, whether you seek or avoid getting pregnant, it is important that you know how to identify the days when you are ovulating.

How to know? All you need to do is be alert for the following signals. Take note!

Check the calendar

Most women ovulate between 12 and 16 days before their menstrual cycle, especially those that are very regular or taking birth control pills.

In case you are irregular in your period, we suggest you ask your gynecologist for advice so he can guide you and help you have a clearer idea of ​​the date you could ovulate.

Breasts pain

One of the signs that you are ovulating is that during those days your breasts could swell and cause some pain.

Increase your sexual desire

Another way in which you can know if you are ovulating is if your sexual appetite increases more, compared to the rest of the days of the month, because your body knows that you are more fertile and will try to motivate you to have sex.

Abdominal inflammation

Breasts are not the only part of the body that becomes inflamed when a woman is ovulating.

Due to the fluid retention that usually occurs during ovulation, it is common to experience a feeling of heaviness in the body and abdominal swelling.

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Conquer more!

Yes, even if it’s hard to believe, this is also a sign that you could be ovulating. The reason? The increase in hormones that occurs in the body during ovulation makes women more attractive.

Improve your sense of smell

If you feel that your sense of smell improves in some days it may not be a cause and that is because you are ovulating , because women tend to sharpen this sense during those fertile times of the month.

If days before your rule your nose is able to perceive all kinds of aromas or some become too strong and difficult to bear, you should not miss, because during ovulation the hormones are in revolution and impact on the sharpness of our senses

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