Magical properties of dogs
Magical properties of dogs

The dogs are more than cute and adorable companion pets, they have become our best friends because they are magically linked to us, they have super special missions who come to meet here on earth, and have to do with helping us. Czech…

1. They are energy protectors: They will always cleanse the negative energy that surrounds you, you and your spaces, they are even capable of sacrificing for you if the energy is too bad for you.

A nice way to help them recover is by giving them lots of love, caresses and words full of love will help them regain their positive energy after balancing yours.

2. They choose you: They know about your mission on earth, and they choose you to accompany you and help you to fulfill it, they will even protect you, they will always be by your side to make sure that you fulfill what you came to do.

How do you know he chose you? Your puppy will come to your life in the most unexpected way possible, and if you had the opportunity to choose it among many puppies, you will know that at that moment there was a super special connection between you and him, an energy that united them.

3. They teach you to love in the purest and most disinterested way: You will not find a more faithful and loyal friend, and they show you with their enthusiasm when they see you, there are so strong ties, that if the owner of a puppy dies, they are left To die too, not only is it sad, they feel that their mission is over and they no longer find meaning in their life, how sad!

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It is even said that the same dog encounters the same master in different lives, they are bonds that are difficult to break!

4. They are sensitive to all kinds of vibrations: They perceive and observe more things than you imagine, they are a kind of energy radar, and even if they are asleep or resting, they are super alert to everything! They have an extra sense of smell developed, and their vision allows them to see other planes of consciousness that we are unable to perceive. That’s why sometimes they get restless or bark out of nowhere.

5. They are the best emotional therapists: Has it happened to you that when you are in the depre your puppy approaches and fills you with kisses ?, It is because they have detected your state of mind without you having said it, and obvious the best way What they have to help you is to give you tender licks, accompanied by beautiful movements with your tail, because they generate vibrational waves that harmonize the environment.

Now that you know how wonderful your puppy is, please take good care of it and fill it with love so that it is always happy and healthy, it is the most beautiful way to honor its presence in our lives and to thank everything they do for us.

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