Avoid in Sex
Do you want to show that you are super passionate? Well the exaggerated screams and moans will only make you look like a bad actress.

Not everything in women is sensuality guaranteed; they also make mistakes that make their libido go away. Therefore, we list the main things that kill passion in bed so you do not fail in your next encounter with your partner. Ready to meet them?

Excess alcohol

It can be an inhibitor at the time of sex if shyness appropriates your body, but if you take too much, your pretty figure will become a rag and no one wants to have sex with an ethic dispossession.

In addition, you will have the skill of a turtle. Avoid it!

Your grandmother’s lingerie

Ok, it’s not hers, but it looks like. Definitely, to use this type of suit is another of the main killings of sex.

Clothing impossible to remove

As exciting as that little black dress can be, it can be a great challenge for your partner, who will take it from you for the duration of your erection.

Cigarette smell

Do you smoke? Well try not to do it or, if he accepts it, anyway, load an emergency mouthwash that disguises the taste.

Hair removal

It is good that this issue of the release of female hair is very much in vogue, but for now, it is not superfluous to continue procuring the usual areas.

For reasons of hygiene and considering the preference of most people, the ideal is to avoid too much hair accumulating in your body.

Fear of the light on

If you prefer the shame of darkness to seeing you naked, do not say it and better convince him that “everything in the half light is more sensual” while you take confidence to turn on the spotlights.

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Insecurity is zero sexy  and is another thing that kills passion in bed.

Feigned pleasure

Do you want to show that you are super passionate? Well the exaggerated screams and moans will only make you look like a bad actress and could put out the passion of the moment!

Too much honesty

Never tell him that it is better that his penis (in case of being male) is bigger or that the performance of your other lovers has been better

Question your title

Unquestionably, it is not the moment if it was the first time and that, perhaps, it is only a one night stand. If your goal is to have a courtship, there is nothing like talking about it in front of a frappuccino if they agree to a new appointment, but never in bed!

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