Kendall Jenner car accident
Kendall Jenner car accident

Kendall Jenner got a big scare…

On May 13, Kendall was heading to Naomi Campbell’s annual Fashion Fashion for Relief event, which she unfortunately could not get to because she had a car accident !

According to the Page Six website , the car in which Kendall was traveling was involved in a crash, fortunately Kendall did not suffer any damage, and although he did not make it to the fashion show, he showed up at a charity dinner.

“We are very happy that Kendall is doing well, all the car accidents, even the small ones, are incredibly scary, Kendall has been away from home after the minor car accident”: Kendall’s representative told Hollywood Life.

What a relief! We are happy that Kendall has just gone through a scare and not something serious, do not you think?

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