Kendall Jenner kissed Gigi Hadid's brother Anwar Hadid
Kendall Jenner kissed Gigi Hadid’s brother Anwar Hadid

Kendall Jenner was seen kissing Bella’s younger brother and Gigi Hadid…

It was at one of the after parties of the CFDA awards in New York, where Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid were caught kissing and TMZ captured the moment!

Kendall and Anwar have known each other for a long time, perhaps thanks to the friendship Kendall has with her older sister Gigi, who has been against a possible romantic relationship between her little brother and her friend!

According to Hollywood Life, Gigi has warned her brother Anwar to stay away from Kendall: “Gigi is giving her little brother a warning.” She told him that Kendall is a heartbreaker and did not fall in love with her. Kendall puts the job and her career first with little time for a serious boyfriend or a long-term relationship, so Gigi has made it clear to Anwar that, while Kendall is a beautiful, sweet, intelligent, sexy and Trust, you should not mess with it”: The media said.

The medium also stated that Gigi’s only intention is to protect the heart of her brother, since he has always been in love with Kendall: “Gigi fears that her younger brother will fall in love with Kendall after a kiss, so she told him to reduce the speed”.

We do not know how serious the relationship between Kendall and Anwar is, but we never thought that Gigi would completely oppose this relationship, do you think that if Gigi were to end up accepting it? What will Bella think?

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