Kendall Jenner Anwer Hadid
Kendall Jenner Anwer Hadid

Kendall Jenner could end up breaking Anwar Hadid’s heart…

After being seen kissing during a party, the younger brother of the Hadid sisters has been super excited about the idea of Kendall becoming his formal girlfriend; however, it seems that this will never happen, or at least not in the short term.

According to Hollywood Life, Kendall does not want anything serious with Anwar or any other boy, for the moment she just wants to have fun and have fun:

“Kendall is a free spirit and does not intend to settle with just one man and get married for a long time yet, and every time Kendall starts hanging out with someone new, he always makes it clear that he is not looking for anything super serious, and that he is not interested in a committed and monogamous relationship, so men always know in advance what their intentions are”: I assure the medium.

It is said that at the moment, Kendall enjoys going out to have fun and meet guys, like the basketball superstar, Ben Still, or with the model Anwar.

“He’s super good with Ben at the moment, he thinks he’s very sexy, and he always makes her laugh, but he also really likes Anwar, whom he has known for years through Gigi and Bella.” Both Ben and Anwar know that Kendall just wants a casual relationship and have fun right now, so it’s not like he’s cheating or hiding something.

However, it is a much more complicated situation with Anwar, and Kendall must be careful. Anwar is only 18, and she has always had this mega crush on Kendall, so there is a danger that she will fall in love and break her heart, if that happens, it could cause serious problems between her, Bella and Gigi. Kendall is playing with fire dating Anwar, but she does not care, she is young, beautiful and free and will enjoy her life as much as possible, as long as she can.”

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OMG! It seems that if Kendall is a whole heartbreaker, do you think he should be more careful and take more care of what he does and his relationships?

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