Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is ready to strike your heart…

The singer will lend his voice to Cupid in the new animated movie that will be produced by Mythos Studios, which aims to tell the story of the mythological god of love.

“When this project was taken to Justin, I was instantly excited to be a part of it, fortunately for us, as Cupid, he knows a little about love and mischief”: Scooter Braun stated.

David Maisel, co-founder of Mythos, said: “Both me and Scooter have a lifelong love of mythology and we are very happy to partner with Justin to bring the incredible and magical story of Cupid to the world.”

Justin was also super excited about this project by publishing a sketch of Cupid with the caption: “Cupidmovie.”


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What a thrill! We love the idea that Justin is Cupid even in fiction, who wants to see this movie?

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