Justin Bieber Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

It seems that Justin Bieber is having a hard time moving forward without Selena Gomez

Although Justin and Selena are no longer in contact, it is said that Biebs continues to watch Sel through his social networks, according to Hollywood Life, he can not stop stalking her! and feels that every post he shares of his new video Back To You, is directed to him.

Justin and Selena are not in touch at the moment, but that has not stopped him from watching his Instagram, he does not follow it, but he still checks his page and his latest publications have twisted him.

She has been promoting her video for ‘Back to You’ and publishing certain lyrics of the song that make it look like she is still thinking about Justin, or at least that is how Justin is taking it: The media said.

It seems that Justin has not resigned himself to the fact that Selena no longer wants to be with him: He is asking people’s opinions and everyone tells him to simply accept that he can not understand Selena and try to forget about her. It is possible for him, he has not forgotten her, he is not even close, he is still devastated because she is moving away from him, so he is desperately looking for signs that he wants him back.

Poor Justin! He seems to be obsessed with Sel, do you think he should continue his life without her? Or do you think there are still chances that Jelena will come back?

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