Justin Bieber and Coachella 2018
Justin Bieber and Coachella 2018

Justin Bieber starred in a fight that could bring him legal problems…

It was two years ago when Justin fought a blow with a guy named Rodney Cannon after finishing a game in the NBA Finals in Cleveland; A year later, Rodney sued Justin, alleging that he had not only received blows but also racist insults.

It is said that the fight was because Rodney had taken a picture of Justin, and that he reacted in an aggressive way asking him to eliminate the pic.

Justin’s representative, Scooter Braun, made a cominucado through Twitter in that in addition to giving his full support to the singer, ensures that the accusations of the plaintiff are completely false, and only seeks to attract attention and earn a fortune with his lies:

Justin Bieber has done a lot of stupidities in his past but what he has also done is apologize for his mistakes, this latest claim against him is completely false and an invention of a man who tried to push for money over the years.”

“It’s disgusting for me to see this man lie and try to take the race to a situation that scares us again for us to pay in. He never said these things before because they never happened, this is a slander tactic to get money and it’s disgusting.”

Poor Justin! We agree that he pays for the bad actions he has committed, but that’s what they try to take advantage of, it’s something else, what do you think?

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