Justin Bieber changed Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber changed Selena Gomez

Oh, no… Apparently this is going to break the heart of Selena Gomez, who wanted to go to the MET Gala with Justin Bieber, since it seems that she started a relationship with the Mexican / Colombian actress Paola Paulin, who revealed details of her relationship with Justin in the Suelta la Sopa program.

The actress commented that since she met Justin Bieber she felt something different in her, both are in the same tune. Just like Justin, she considers herself a religious person, so she assures that on several occasions they have gone to the Christian church together.

In addition, he said that Justin is living a great, great moment in his life. In this regard, Paola Paulin commented on the program:

He is in the best moment of his life, he is giving love, he just wants to be the best version of him

And everything indicates that this relationship can be totally real, because Paola said in the program what she likes most about being with Justin Bieber. She recognizes all the good in him and all the love he has for achieving great things in the world.

What I like most about him is (he is) a person who is here to give love, who wants to change the world, who has a purpose in life, and I believe that people sometimes get lost and he is clear.

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What do you think? Now it turns out that everyone is fighting for the love of Jaastin… We do not believe that Selena feels very happy with this news, especially knowing that she was always willing to give everything for him and still is an important part of his life.

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So far, Justin did not talk about it. Is this relationship true?

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