Jurassic World 2 and another possible extinction of dinosaurs
Jurassic World 2 and another possible extinction of dinosaurs

On June 21, a new version of the saga of dinosaurs was released worldwide. This is “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” , the second film of its kind starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

This historic franchise that came out for the first time in 1993 raises a world where a team of scientists gives life to cloned dinosaurs. The original version emerges as a reflection of the excessive ambition of the wealthiest.
On July 11, during the program “Sensacional Exito” (Metro 95.1), Damián Pérez, a specialist in “Dinosaurs and Pop Culture”, analyzed the probabilities of a Jurassic world in the 21st century. According to the scientific popularizer: “Only Elon Musk has the capacity to invest in research and development so that we currently have such a large project”.
Anyway, Perez admitted that there are not yet advances in genetic technology to recreate these beings who lived about 8,500,000 years ago.

The film directed by JA Bayona and produced by Universal Pictures is as close as we can get to a world with velociraptors and triceratops coexisting among humans.

Renaissance of a relic franchise of pop culture

After 20 years, the story that writer Michael Crichton originally thought of is reborn. On this occasion, revitalized with the humor and character of Cris Pratt.
In 2015, the first installment had large numbers in ticket sales and it is estimated that it reached 1,600 million earnings, something that positions it as the fifth film in the history of cinema with the highest revenues. This year, “The Fallen Kingdom” brings nearly $ 1 billion in tickets and is expected to continue growing.
In addition, since Universal and confirmed a third that would reach theaters in 2021.

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