Zazie Beetz in Talks to Join Joaquin Phoenix
Zazie Beetz in Talks to Join Joaquin Phoenix

If this July 19 we echoed that the film of the origins of the Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix and had a title (‘Joker‘) and release date (October 4, 2019), more and more details are going knowing about the project directed and co-written by Todd Phillips.

And is that according to The Hollywood Reporter has known, the actress Zazie Beetz, which we have seen playing Domino in ‘Deadpool 2‘ or in the television fiction ‘Atlanta‘, would be in talks to join the cast of the film, that will have an “austere” budget of 55 million dollars and a darker and experimental tone than we have seen in other films of the DC universe, following the aesthetics of tapes like ‘Taxi Driver‘ or ‘The King of Comedy‘.

Although the plot of the film is still unknown, according to the medium Beetz would play a single mother who becomes one of the villain’s love interests. Along with this project, which will begin to shoot during the month of September, the actress has in hand to participate in the spin-off of ‘Deadpool‘,  X-Force‘, and awaiting release ‘High Flying Bird’, which in these Moments is in post-production process.

More names of the cast?

Since the completion of the project was confirmed at the beginning of July, after months of rumored with it, another famous name of the entertainment industry has been part of the conversation around ‘Joker’: Frances McDormand, who nevertheless rejected interpret the mother of the one who will become the Principe Clown of Crime. We still need to know what other names will make up the cast, and it seems that, despite its low budget, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment want to ensure a luxury interpreters.

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‘Joker’ will hit the charts on October 4, 2019.

9 papers rejected by Joaquin Phoenix


Yes, Joaquin Phoenix could have been part of one of the most popular terror sagas of recent times. He was offered the role of Skeet Ulrich – who ended up being played by Billy Loomis – but the Puerto Rican actor did not hesitate and refused to participate in the first installment of ‘Scream‘. Knowing the interpreter, it is more than likely that he has never repented of rejecting that character.

2‘American History X’

The first choice of Tony Kaye to play the Nazi Derek Vinyard was Joaquin Phoenix, who rejected the role claiming that he found it disgusting. Yes, it seemed morally detestable and that was the reason why he did not even consider accepting it. On the other hand, this decision came very well to an Edward Norton who was in his best years. At first Kaye was not very happy with the election, but we do not think he had any complaints with the final result. ‘American History X’ has become one of the best rated films among the youngest cinema circles, a well-known cult piece.

3‘Boogie Nights’

Paul Thomas Anderson probed Phoenix for the title role of ‘Boogie Nights’, which was eventually played by Mark Wahlberg for the best performance of his career. Apparently, something similar happened in ‘Punch-Drunk Love‘, so Anderson did not have much confidence in accepting his proposal to star in ‘The Master’. The relationship ended up materializing unexpectedly and with an unbeatable result. What would Joaquin Phoenix have done as Dirk Diggler? The truth is that it would not have been bad to check it .

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4‘Doctor Strange’

Before the role of Doctor Strange ended up in the hands of Benedict Cumberbatch, Marvel had conversations with Phoenix to star in the film. Finally, the actor refused to embody the superhero, and explained that he is not comfortable working with such directors and in this type of blockbuster. He has never wanted to commit himself to rules and impositions that, according to him, he could not fulfill. Of course he is a man of principles, and an actor who thinks of other things before money.

5‘Brokeback Mountain’

For the Ang Lee movie, a host of protagonist pairs were shuffled. Before the final, composed by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. One of the most talked about couples was Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix, who considered accepting the offer, although they finally rejected it. In this case it is almost better that the thing ends like this, because the work done by both actors is practically insurmountable.


Although it was Benicio Del Toro who was for more time competing to get the role of Louis Simo, another of the potential candidates to interpret was Joaquin Phoenix, which we do not know why he did not get to participate in the shooting. In any case, the figure chosen to star in the film was Adrien Brody. For its part, the role of George Reeves, finally played by Ben Affleck, left an overwhelming list of candidates.

8‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

It has been a year since the presence of Benicio Del Toro was confirmed as a villain in the eighth installment of the ‘Star Wars’ saga. However, the selection process was not easy, because Joaquin Phoenix was taken into account to play that character . In spite of everything, Del Toro was always considered as the main candidate to take over the role, so maybe the Puerto Rican was more a fantasy of the producer than a possible reality.

9‘As I Lay Dying’

When James Franco came up with the madness of bringing to the big screen ‘While I Agonize’, William Faulkner’s unapproachable and untouchable masterpiece, he also dreamed of being starring Michael Shannon, Joaquin Phoenix and Richard Jenkins; However, Franco was met with the refusal of his three colleagues. On the other hand, his madness became reality and the result was not bad at all, with one of the most intelligent uses at a narrative level that we have been able to see of the polivision.

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