Joey King surprises Jacob Elordi in his birthday
Joey King surprises Jacob Elordi in his birthday

So surprised Joey King to Jacob Elordi on his birthday 21…

The protagonist of The Kissing Booth celebrated his birthday number 21 on June 26, and his girlfriend Joey gave him an incredible surprise!

It turns out that Joey was sent to Vancouver, Canada, where Jacob is filming his new movie with Zendaya, to wish him happy birthday!, Obvious Jacob did not know anything, so he got a big surprise when he saw his girlfriend arriving on the set.

“I surprised this kangaroo today on his set in Vancouver for his 21st birthday, I had no idea what was coming, MWAHAHAHAHA I love the surprises! Happy birthday Jacob.”

How romantic! This type of detail is what makes a relationship function regardless of the distance that separates them, we love this new couple!


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