Jeff Bezos founder Amazon stepfather Cuban converts rich modern history man
Jeff Bezos founder Amazon stepfather Cuban converts rich modern history man

The businessman Jeff Bezos continues to increase his fortune thanks to the recent benefits left by the Amazon Prime Day, sales day with 36 hours off.

This promotion of the giant of the electronic trade left the greater volume of sales in the company and, incidentally, it served so that Bezos became the richest man of the modern history.

On July 11 it was known that this son of a Cuban stepfather accumulated a fortune of 143 million dollars. Less than a week later, specifically on Tuesday July 17, the figure exceeded 151 billion ($ 151.4), according to Forbes. That same day, the company’s shares rose 1.18 percent.

Some numbers that lead him to exceed 55 billion Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who owns about 95,000 million.

The founder of Amazon is a reference in the business world and, recently, announced that at the end of the summer he will participate in philanthropic projects.

“The richest man on Earth,” as Forbes defined him, founded Amazon in a garage in Seattle in 1994. He also bought The Washington Post in 2013 and the Whole Foods supermarket chain in 2017.

The recognition of Bezos to his Cuban stepfather

In May, the businessman confessed that he would not be who he is if it were not for his Cuban stepfather. “When you have people who support you like my parents and Mackenzie (his wife) end up risking because you know that someone supports you,” he said in an interview.

In this sense he said that family love is what helps make risky decisions.

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He was born in New Mexico in 1964 and at four years of age his mother divorced and married Miguel “Mike” Bezos, a Cuban immigrant, who adopted the boy and gave him his last name. They moved to Houston, where Mike worked as an engineer for Exxon.

Bezos studied at Princeton University, where he pursued a career in finance. With just 30 years old he created the giant that has led him to lead the ranking of economic and business elites.

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