Peanut legume
Peanut legume

Good, good, good! You’re wondering what kind of question is the headline, right? Until now you had never doubted that the peanut was not a nut, just as you would also put your hand in the fire because the tomato is a vegetable. Better not bet anything or you’ll end up ruining yourself.
Today we tell you a little culturilla about foods that you consume every day and that you have never worried about knowing its origin.

The peanut is really…

You’re tired of eating it in the mix of nuts, you even make peanut butter to throw it on the pancakes; so you would not have to doubt about your true genetics. Peanuts are actually legumes. You have read well, they belong to the family of the legumisosas, specifically to that of the peas.

Yes, peas and peanuts are first cousins, how do you stay?
Although surely you are in shock x 2. Did you just learn that peas are also a type of legume? That’s right, it is not a vegetable as we have been led to believe, as it is with beans.

Now you start to square several things, like what the chickpeas paint in the package of nuts. Well, the same as peanuts. They are included in the denim snacks for their way of consumption, as happens with hazelnuts, almonds or cashews.
In addition, they are usually linked to nuts because it usually causes allergies and intolerances like the rest of this family. On the other hand, in the case of legumes, this type of reactions is not so common.

Where does the peanut really come from?

The milk comes from the cow, the fruit from the trees, but what about the peanut? Quite simply, its origin takes place under the earth, like the rest of legumes. We leave you a short video so you can see the plant from which they are born and what the fields are like.

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Do not you think it’s funny?

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