Training with knee pads
Training with knee pads

It is common to see runners and athletes who wear knee pads after having suffered an injury, but there are also many who wear them to prevent injuries. Is it an essential accessory to train or do we only get a placebo effect? Can anyone use it or does it have to be prescribed by a doctor?

Use knee pads for rehabilitation

After having suffered a knee injury, it is normal to experience some fear when running again. Although the rehabilitation has gone favorably and we have been able to regain mobility, some experts recommend using this accessory when we perform other types of exercises, such as jumping or lifting.

It is essential that before returning to your maximum level of demand, you can perform basic movements without problems. I recommend that you “run away” from the machines, unless you use them to strengthen the muscles that surround the knee. If not, get used to your own weight so that the knees do not just do a punctual job.
The knee can help feel firmer and safer, especially when after injury are not trained to perform exercises such as sit more demanding.

Knee pads exist thousands, but not all at the same price or for the same injuries. Do not settle for putting a piece of cloth under pressure, depending on how they can hold different parts of the knee. It would be interesting to get some ones that allow the natural movement of your knee, although providing extra support.
As I said before, there are knee pads designed for cyclists, runners or CrossFit lovers; Choose the one that best suits you.

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And if I’ve never been injured, can I use them?

As power, you can. In almost any exercise you practice you will notice a physical improvement wearing knee pads. The cyclists will travel more kilometers in less time, the riders will not notice the impact of the tread as directly and the weightlifters will be able to load a little stronger.

The problem? You may be losing strength in the muscles surrounding the knee, which is responsible for flexing and extending it in each movement. The body is quite wise and if you are touching your natural limit, do not decide to exceed yourself by camouflaging it with accessories.
So you will do yourself a disservice thinking that in this way you will reduce your risk to injure yourself; rather, you increase it by weakening your muscles.

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