Important to work twins runner
Important to work twins runner

There are a series of muscles that could be included within the group of “forgotten muscles”. That’s because, wrongly, we tend to think that they are not that important. The forearms, for example, are integrated into this group. Others? The twins.

When we think about working and strengthening the lower part of our body, we pay special attention to the glutes or quadriceps. However, we do not remember the importance of having strong and worked cufflinks. Especially in the world of running, cramps and injuries of varying degrees in the twins are the order of the day. Understanding the importance of balancing the work of our body as a whole is necessary to evolve in an organic way. Beyond the aesthetic, that too, every part of our musculature fulfills a function and we must respect it.

The ease of strengthening the twins

We are talking about an area of ​​our body that we can work in a simple way. We do not always require expensive equipment, machines or materials in order to give them strength. Just ankle lifts with different foot openings, or take advantage of the presence of a step. What we want to transmit to you, is that you always have a moment and a place to pay attention to your twins and prepare them for action.

Some advantages of having strong twins

When we are in the race, many times we intend to brake sharply to change direction or reduce the speed of the march. The twins intervene in a direct way in this deceleration process. If we are doing a sprint and suddenly we want to brake, the twins absorb a proportional part much higher than the weight of your body. Therefore, keep them strong and worked, will help you avoid injuries and will provide you with greater capabilities to make changes in pace and assume mishap during the race.

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Strong twins are a guarantee of greater stability in the knees, so they serve to a large extent to protect the joint. Unstable knees can cause some injuries, especially when running with changes in directions or jumping exercises.

The strengthening of this muscle  helps to perform power exercises. In this way, working them, will provide you with a greater height capacity in vertical jump and will favor the reception of it in a more secure way.

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