Eating peeled fruit without peeling
Eating peeled fruit without peeling

All my life I have been taught to eat fruit with the skin, even peaches (I know that some skinny hairs are repelled). The point is that over the years I have met people who peel up strawberries (what’s wrong?). In a personal struggle to demonstrate that unpeeled fruit is a better option, I have come across statements from the  Spanish Agency for Food Safety that analyzes whether it is safe or not.

The fruit to snacks before in juice

We will not tire of repeating that the best way to take fruit is by eating it in its natural form. When we ingest it in the form of juice, we are losing the source of fiber that they possess and consume mostly their sugars. Is it bad to drink natural juice? No, but it should never be the substitute of eating it in bites.

Both the pulp and the skin are full of nutrients such as vitamins A, C, minerals or fiber; being the skin the part in which greater percentage of fiber exists.
If there is any advantage to peeling the fruit is the elimination of pesticides on the outside, but if you wash it as we indicated in this article, there are no problems that affect the pesticide residues, germs or dirt.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety (AESAN) confirms that we can eat fruit with skin, as it is totally safe and suitable for consumption. Logically, there are skins and skins; the skin of the melon or pineapple is not suitable for ingestion.

Are nutrients lost when peeling the fruit?

Everything depends on the type of fruit to which we refer, but fiber loss can range from 10 to 45%. When we peel an apple, we lose 10% fiber, but if we peel a pear the percentage rises to 35%.
But it is not only fiber that we lose, in the case of peeling grapefruit, melon, oranges, peaches, plums, grapes, strawberries, mango or nectarine, you can get to lose up to 75% of vitamin C.

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Dietary fiber is important to improve our digestion, regulate cholesterol and blood glucose levels, prevent cancer of the rectum and colon, increase the feeling of fullness and decrease constipation. As for vitamin A, it is necessary to maintain a good functioning of our immune system; like vitamin C increases the resistance to infections, improves the appearance of the skin, is a great antioxidant and improves the absorption of iron.

So you know, enjoy eating unpeeled fruit to increase your profits.

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