Healthy Food vs Fitness Food
Healthy Food vs Fitness Food

It seems that the terms fitness and healthy (healthy) usually go hand in hand in terms of a healthy lifestyle, but sadly it is not always the case. Although to some it seems that they refer to the same thing, they are two tendencies that have different goals in terms of the physical.
If you are one of those who upload photos of “fitness breakfast” to social networks, you may be interested to know that you are referring to healthy, or vice versa.

Differences between healthy food and fitness

Both terms have English origin, although in Spain we tend to use it with great frequency when we speak of a style of feeding.

Healthy or healthy comes to refer to those foods or balanced meals, natural and fresh. No need to resort to ultra-processed, healthy diet based on vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and quality protein. Any food that provides quality nutrients will be included in this type of food. Beyond looking for an enviable physique, we will be looking for good health.

On the other hand, with fitness we will be focusing in a certain way our diet to a good physical shape. That is, the fitness food will “help” us to achieve optimal results in terms of increased muscle volume or a defined body. We know that it is very difficult to get a good physique if we abuse energy bars or food substitutes, and if we also do not take care of healthy eating.

It is normal that we confuse both types of diet, since both are related to healthy lifestyle and physical activity. Basically, the main difference is that in healthy meals we want to be healthy, without the need to achieve a defined or strong physique. In contrast, with fitness food we will link our training with foods or products that help us achieve a goal. This does not mean that most of the time they eat healthy foods.

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Why should not we confuse them?

There are numerous brands that use the label “fitness” to make us think that we will be consuming healthy products. A clear example are the protein yogurts that can be found in Mercadona. Many will think that including this in their diet is much better because of the high protein intake, but they do not take into account the amount of sugar they add in these products.

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