iPhone X seems
iPhone X seems

Last year we reviewed the universe of Chinese mobile phones that could be classified as “clones” of some of the most leading terminals on the market, and this year we repeated the format with what 2018 leaves us. How could it be otherwise? Notch is a common element that makes it easier to “disguise” high-end.

But not only the iPhone X has Chinese models inspired by its design, the Galaxy S family also has a few “replicants” but unlike what we saw last year, some of the terminals that we will see below arrive quite well equipped in terms of specifications it is about.

OPPO R15: it’s not an iPhone X but it does not matter

We opened this selection with a phone that we could analyze recently in Engadget Android. During the time that the OPPO R15 Pro was in our hands were not few times that people asked us “is it an iPhone X?”. And is that the infinite screens and the notch are unifying so much the design this year that it is not difficult to confuse them.

Important to note here that despite the obvious aesthetic similarity between this premium mid-range terminal and the iPhone X, the OPPO R15 Pro is a phone that shines by itself within its range and as we saw in our analysis, is a strong competitor in the market.

Galaxy S9 looks like, Elephone U Pro is

Another device that recently passed through our operating table is the Elephone U Pro. Here the similarity with the Samsung Galaxy S9 is undeniable, both by the infinite screen and by its characteristic rounded edges, but unlike what we have just seen with the OPPO R15, the Elephone U Pro did not leave us so good taste.

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As we saw in our analysis, the Elephone U Pro was somewhat short in terms of power and although the design is similar in design, it did not offer us a viewing experience at the height of the terminal that is intended to appear.

The Umidigi S2 Pro wanted to be an S8

Another Chinese terminal that is very close to resembling a Samsung Galaxy S (but in this case the Galaxy S8) is the Umidigi S2 Pro. We speak of a medium range that like many Chinese phones, plays to surprise us with stunning figures and in this case it is its 5,100 mAh of battery that call our attention.

A terminal that we have not had the opportunity to try, but that seeing its specifications on paper, can only boast of “being an S8” as far as aspect is concerned, since it is well placed in the mid-range.

Blackview S8, copying not only the last name

The Chinese manufacturer Blackview is crowned in this clone with the Blackview S8. And is that in addition to appropriating the name of the flagship of Samsung, this phone comes with a more than obvious physical resemblance, especially in the front where both the size of the frames, and the curvature of the screen simulate Galaxy S8.

However, here we have the same case as with the Umidigi S2 Pro: telephones that seduce us from the outside because of their resemblance to the top of the range, but that do not match them in specifications, at least as far as the technical specifications are concerned.

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A Leagoo S9 as an iPhone X

Despite wearing the surname S9, this Chinese terminal looks (on tiptoe) to iPhone X. And is that as we discussed a few lines above, the notch is getting to homogenize the fronts in such a way that many of these phones of lower ranges can be confused at first glance with the flagship of Cupertino. It’s a pretty short phone in specifications if we compare it with the iPhone you want to look like, but it also costs ten times less.

OUKITEL U18, the iPhone X wannabe

We close this summary by some of the most obvious clones of the market, with another of the iPhone X. The OUKITEL U18 is another smartphone all screen with a superior notch that despite being disguised as an iPhone, I can not hide the mid-low range that inhabits inside. Unlike the iPhone X, this terminal has a rather fair specifications and of course, an infinitely lower price.

They also have their audience

As we have seen, these phones want to be like the best in the market but they stay (some of them) on the way and also quite behind. But this is not necessarily a negative thing, since in the market there is a great demand for intermediate ranges that can be more than satisfied with any of them.

It is obvious that if we are demanding users, that besides wanting an “iPhone X” on the outside, we want to obtain a performance and an experience of use at the height, they will not be our best option, but for those who look for design and have a budget adjusted, are one more option to consider.

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