iOS 12 Beta 2 changes features
iOS 12 Beta 2 changes features

The latest beta of iOS 12, will have a new function that will make the user can share their photos with anyone else who has a different operating system through a simple link.

Before this tool, if you wanted to send images, it was necessary to use the email, which sometimes had a limited system regarding the number of photographs that you wanted to send or if that was not the case, the same messaging systems compressed the image distorting the quality with which it was taken or made.

For the good luck of the public and in order to avoid situations like the previous ones, Apple included this feature that will make it easier for them to achieve that with just one link they share as many images as they wish.

The way this beta works, is to generate a link to the image so that anyone, including users of other operating systems that do not use the manzanita, can access it without any problem, password or procedure of more; These images will be hosted on the Apple iCloud website.

The link that is generated, has the name of the author, the title of the photo and the associated EXIF ​​data, and before they begin to ask about the privacy of their location, do not worry, it is not included.

To be able to start applying this type of shipments, apparently you only have to click on the ‘Share’ button on the photo or selected photos, then go to the ‘Copy link’ option and that’s it! what should be done so that your friends or acquaintances, appreciate the images that you shared.

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At the moment, the tool that turns out to be very similar to the services of Dropbox or Google Photos, will allow people to share the photographs they have of the last 30 days, and although everyone would like it to be this way from now on, the truth is that it is unknown if it will be extensible to the entire Fototeca when it ceases to be beta or it may be definitively in the final version.



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