Hailey Rhode Baldwin
Hailey Rhode Baldwin

After the shocking news of the surprise engagement of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, you could not expect less than a spectacular ring to seal that promise of love. And for nothing has disappointed the jewel that the singer gave his beloved girlfriend, as they have seen the latest pictures in which the American model appears with her now engaged, on his return from the unforgettable trip in which they decided that in a future will unite their lives in marriage.

As captured by the paparazzi, the young couple landed at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, after a memorable and romantic vacation in the Bahamas, the paradisiacal Caribbean islands that welcomed the unexpected commitment. Justin and Hailey later moved to New York City, where they were seen arriving with huge suitcases, and at least the model is the most stylish at the time of dressing. Although for her trip back to the United States she wanted to be very comfortable, that did not stop her from looking modern and cool: jeans shorts, short black blouse, black tennis shoes and a white university-style jacket. However, what caught the attention of his outfit was one of the accessories, which everyone was eager to see.

It was not the earrings, or the gold watch with which the model accompanied her relaxed look that drew attention, but the enormous precious stone of the ring that Hailey showed on the ring finger of her hand, indisputable proof of the yes that He gave Justin when he asked the question. And is that the young did not do the least to hide such spectacular jewel: a huge diamond with an oval cut, which is not yet known for sure the carats or the price, but there are those who have ventured to say that it could cost 2 million dollars.

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However, this is not the first time you see the ring, because a few days ago, a Twitter user shared some photos of the couple on their trip through the Bahamas, where you can see the model’s impressive jewel while Take a drink with your fiance. However, on that occasion Hailey had on his ring finger another ring besides the oval diamond, which has now attracted the attention of all on his return to American soil.

Another aspect that the curious followers of the girl have brought up with respect to their commitment, is the message that Hailey supposedly returned a few years ago in his Twitter account regarding the spectacular ring with which the actor Ryan Reynolds proposed marriage to his now wife, Blake Lively“If my ring is not as big as Blake Lively, I do not want to get married,” said the post that the diva would have retweeted in 2012, however, said posting is no longer available. If it were true, it would be a happy coincidence that the model has now committed to a ring very similar to that of the actress.

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