Yanet García bikini Photos
Yanet García bikini Photos

In his Instagram account, Yanet shared an image in which, with a daring swimsuit, he awoke low passions in his more than six million followers.

More than 400 thousand likes has generated the post of the weather girl in only six hours of being published.


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In the snapshot the Regiomontana is seen in a sensual two-piece swimsuit, which showed her firm rear and her shapely legs.

In a matter of minutes, the commentaries praising the beauty of the program member Hoy appeared in the publication.

Yanet García shows that he is better than ever

“You are very beautiful my girl”, “beautiful princess”, “you are a monument of a woman”, “Mommy, you are as you want to be damned”, “what beautiful ‘booty'”, “you are a beautiful angel”, “your figure is impressive” my love”.

For his part, his ex-boyfriend explained in a video that his separation was to concentrate on his videogame career.

Douglas commented: “Yanet is someone I will always love, but I feel that at this moment I do not have time for a relationship, I have to focus on myself and what I want.”

The youtuber’s statements quickly generated confusion and displeasure in a large number of his followers.

“How can you leave her for a Call of Duty?”, “You must be crazy”, “I assure you that you will regret”, “do not be silly”, “I do not know what is going through your mind”, “I hope and do not regret it, “were some of the astonished comments he received.

It should be noted that, in the last hours, Yanet eliminated all the photos of his now ex-partner from his social networks.

While on his Instagram, Douglas has dedicated ‘a post of rupture’ to the sculptural climate girl.

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