The first artificial star shower in Japan
The first artificial star shower in Japan

In 2020, the satellites of ALE, a startup based in Japan, will spray small metal balls about 1 cm in diameter out of the atmosphere in order to generate the first artificial star shower in history.

A satellite can carry approximately 400 balls and 20 will be used in a typical event.

Artificial rain

Through the same process that rains of natural stars are generated, as these metallic balls of ALE satellites re-enter the atmosphere, they will shine intensely from 60 to 80 km above the ground like natural shooting stars.

ALE technology allows you to control satellites, the direction of the balls and the color and brightness of shooting stars.

Okajima has chosen the Japanese area of ​​Hiroshima and Setouchi as the venue for the first show, taking into account factors such as climate and landscape, but Middle Eastern cities such as Dubai are also interested.

ALE is a startup founded in 2011 with investors that include a risk fund associated with the Tokyo University of Sciences.

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