Ikea Bicycle Sladda
Ikea Bicycle Sladda

A couple of years ago, the multinational company IKEA launched a flat packaging bike designed for urban mobility. It seemed to have everything: unisex, comfortable, with a lightweight aluminum frame, automatic two-speed system, with anti-rust frame, with the gear system driven by a belt drive without oiling, automatic gears and a belt drive without rust and oil.

After three days studying in detail the needs and behavior of urban cyclists, Ikea seemed to have the perfect bike. What problem has happened then? The transmission belt.
We tell you all the details in case you are one of those affected, or in case you thought to get one of them.

The belt can cause accidents

According to the company, the bike suffers a failure that can cause the belt to break and cause users to fall. If you are one of those who own the Sladda bike, Ikea has asked you to stop using it and return it to the nearest store. It is not necessary or that you present the ticket; They will also return the money you have invested in the accessories of the bicycle.

Ikea comments that, despite having the prior approval, the withdrawal is “a precautionary measure. For the possible risk of falling in case of breakage, the supplier of this component has advised Ikea to remove the bicycle from the market“.
They ensure that all products they commercialize “undergo rigorous testing and are approved in accordance with the strictest standards and requirements.” And even so, they have an action protocol in case any failure occurs over time, as in the case of this bicycle.

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If you are a holder of one of these bicycles, we recommend you ask for the return. You may be lucky that your Sladda does not suffer any failure, but it is better not to tempt and avoid endangering our lives. Also, those € 400 that cost you will come in handy to have a new acquisition.

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